Jesse Dyke Photography


Lily by Jesse Dyke.

Taken outside in the garden beside the University of Guelph student centre. Was waiting on a friend to finish something, and this lily was the only one in the entire pond. .  

Snowy Bus by Jesse Dyke.

Taken during my fourth season of treeplanting in Northern Ontario. It was June 1st, and we awoke to snow on the ground. Luckily we got the day off, but it was truly an amazing scene. 

Birds on a Wire by Jesse Dyke.

Taken just down the road from my parents’ house. These birds kept flying around and around, landing and soaring again in a huge group. They stayed here for ten minutes while I shot some pictures of them. 

Charizard by Jesse Dyke.

Taken not long after I first got my camera. I was playing with the black and white settings and lighting. I thought the shadows on this one were kind of cool.

Tegan and Sara by Jesse Dyke.

Taken during a Tegan and Sara concert in Guelph, Ontario. I love playing with darkness and shadows, and the lighting was just perfect for this shot.

Red Winged by Jesse Dyke.

Taken just down the road from my parents’ house. The pond was about to be demolished for “clean-up”, but this little bird wasn’t having any of it. He flew around for awhile while I snapped some pics.

Sarah Blackwood by Jesse Dyke.

Taken at a Walk off the Earth concert in Toronto, Ontario. My camera barely passed inspection as I entered the concert hall, so I was lucky to get shots like this. Sarah is amazing. <3

In a row by Jesse Dyke.

Taken in a public park in my hometown. A friend of mine did some cloning shoots and I thought I’d try my hand at it. Turned out not bad!

My friend’s photographs can be found here. 

Wild Berries by Jesse Dyke.

Taken by the pond in my hometown. Just a neat little plant I found!

Colours by Jesse Dyke.

Taken in the Butterfly Sanctuary, Niagara Falls (I think). There were so many butterflies flying everywhere, and it was pretty hard to keep up with them all! This one paused for me. :)